Spark Festival 2018

UTS Startups, Sydney NSW, October 25, 2018

This event was a part of Spark Festival, a two week program of over 150 events and activities, supported by Jobs for NSW and City of Sydney, which happened across NSW.

  • Reverse Pitch
  • Panel Discussion
  • Industry Workshops
  • Pitch Finals

UTS Startups hosted the 2018 Spark Festival event with over 50 students attending. On the day, students engaged in a number of reverse pitches by 3 Under-30 Startups. This session gave students an opportunity to analyse the pitches and provide peer to peer feedback. Other sessions included a panel discussion with Ambassadors Zeryab Cheema Founder, Taxi 24-7 Mackenzie Bond Founder, Outback Wings and James Kilby  Co-founder AgCrowd. Students then learned about the entrepreneurial mindset and had an opportunity to identify a problem and then design and pitch a business idea that solves it. At the end of the day, students were taken on a tour of the startup space as well as a tour of the University to showcase the innovation spaces and discuss the multidisciplinary units of study available.

The day also consisted of a number of teacher workshops that focused on the in-curriculum ‘Learning in Action’ programs on offer.

Chris Clark, Co-founder of Spark Festival, also attended the event. He was really impressed by the event, saying: “The day was a fun, engaging and fantastic hands on way of getting high school students to get involved and be exposed to the world of entrepreneurship and really be inspired by role models who are successful young entrepreneurs who are going to change the world.”

We would like to thank the following for making this day happen:

  • Spark Festival
  • Zeryab Cheema
  • James Kilby
  • Mackenzie Bond
  • Amanda Siqueira, Co Founder of Vapar
  • Elisa Lillicrap, Co Founder of inxplore
  • Eitan Wang, Founder of Join Power Pty Ltd
  • Piers Warren, Director of Solar Projects Australia and Advocate
  • UTS Innovation and Entrepreneurship Team