Raising Money To Change People’s Lives

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Raising Money To Change People’s Lives

Ben Breeze is the founder of Ben’s Boxes and the co-founder of Kids Cut Palm Oil. He lives in Bali, Indonesia. When I was about six, I saw a video about kids having fun raising money for charity. It made me think about people I’d seen begging on the side of Sunset Road in Bali. I didn’t like how these people couldn’t do what they wanted because they had little money. It made me feel sad. I wanted to give them some, so they would be happy. I’m eight years old now and I have a charity that helps the poor people in Bali. When I first started the charity I put boxes outside the driveway, but no one put money in them. My Dad said we could raise money online through GoFundMe. Ben’s Boxes has raised $2,500. I’ve made a playground for BaliLife School in Denpasar, where street children go to learn. We gave them our old couch and a new fridge, because the old one blew up in a flood. We also gave them 100 books in a small box and money to make a playground.

They didn’t say much, but I could see they were happy. That is what Ben’s Boxes is about. I found out about another orphanage in Bali through BaliLife and I’m going to do the same with them.

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