The future of education starts here. runs entrepreneurial Learning In Action programs that have been developed by academics using extensive research data and insights.

In-School Curriculum

Increasing the ambition and motivation of students is an important goal for a world-class education. Our In-School Curriculum programs are all about changing the mindset of young learners in a deep and meaningful way. Our programs are designed around 6 modules that take young people on the journey of seeing, thinking and being like an entrepreneur. There are two levels of the in-curriculum program, which are traditionally taught in class over one full term each. However, schools can teach it spread over a semester, or year, whichever they prefer.

Participants will be equipped with an entrepreneurial mindset that will empower them to think strategically, brainstorm creatively, collaborate, take action without fear of failure, and pitch their ideas to others. They will gain confidence and resilience in problem-solving, realising that if they take action and are persistent, they will have an impact.

These entrepreneurial skills will ready students to compete in the Fourth Industrial Revolution for jobs not yet created, but that will require soft skills such as emotional intelligence, cognitive flexibility and an ability to collaborate.

Participants will come to see themselves as someone who can positively impact the world with their ideas and actions. They will see that they don’t need to wait for adults to solve the world’s biggest problems, but can drive change themselves.

School Holiday Programs

The Young Entrepreneurs Holiday Program is a five-day intensive course providing a taster for our In-School Curriculum programs, culminating in a pitch event. The winner of this pitch event will then be qualified to compete in a national pitch competition as part of Brilliant Business Kids Day in Sydney in November. Young people are able to collaborate with like-minded people and engage in the concept of project-based learning. Although the program is delivered over a shorter time, participants will emerge with the benefits of an entrepreneurial mindset as outlined above.

If you would like to book a place at our July Holiday program at Reddam House.

Professional Development Workshops

Our Entrepreneurial Learning in Action program is designed around the concept of Problem-Based Learning (PBL), reflecting the way people learn and develop in real life. The aim is to provide the problems (not the solutions) to facilitate learning. Educators are mentors (not teachers) as the community of practice must go far beyond one person with answers. It’s an important shift in the philosophy of learning.

Teachers who want to embrace this exciting new vision of education and run either the in-curriculum or school holiday programs can enrol in a professional development workshop.


The Australian Government’s ‘Future of Work’ report states that research is showing that the future workforce will need both hard specialised knowledge and soft personal skills such as critical thinking, communication and collaboration. This is why it is important, in order for Australia to compete globally in this time of rapid innovation, that teachers and education evolve. It is also why we believe that students need to learn an entrepreneurial mindset. Teachers who deliver our programs will be at the forefront of this movement.

Business Crawls

Business Crawl networks will provide opportunities for young Australians participating in the In-School Curriculum Programs and School Holiday Programs to see, think and understand the possibilities in entrepreneurship. Young people can’t be what they cannot see. Because of this, we are looking for businesses to open their doors and share the challenges and problems faced, and how these were overcome in order to achieve success. It is a potential pipeline for future employment and exposes young people to the various opportunities available to them to help them choose what they want to do for their future careers. Get involved and become a mentor to a school, Business Crawl partner or program sponsor by contacting us below.