Rare Birds


Rare Birds is a global hub that supports women entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs on their business journeys, providing mentorship, education, events, and networking opportunities, help with access to funding, and publish inspiring, practical content. We support and promote women so they can believe #ifshecanican. ​

The Conscience Organisation


The Conscience Organisation is a Social Impact Business that brings to life ideas impacting people, businesses and the communities. They partner with NGO’s around the world offering an array of services from strategy to community management to bring about a brighter future. Clive Burcham is the founder and CEO of the Conscience Organisation and part of Startup.business' advisory board!

AgriFutures Australia

Our vision is to grow the long-term prosperity of Australian rural industries.

AgriFutures Australia and startup.business have joined forces to deliver an exciting education program that teaches high school students (BusinessKids) in rural and regional Australia to solve the problems facing agriculture using innovation and an entrepreneurial mindset.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

The Award equips young people for life.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is a personal challenge, which provides individuals with values and experiences that are highly sought after in the workforce. This award plays a critical role in personal development for any 14-24 year old who wants to take up the challenge. Startup.business and The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award aims to create parallel impact: improved employability and sustainable livelihoods, social inclusion and gender equality, and the empowerment of women.