Liz Jackson

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Liz Jackson is the Education & Program Director for a role that reflects her passion for enabling learning and growth in young people. Liz has a strong and diverse teaching background and holds a degree in Physical and Health Education from the Australian College of Physical Education and a Masters in Education from Wollongong University.

Liz has taught everything from distance education with young Indigenous students in the Northern Territory to entrepreneurship at one of NSW’s leading high-schools. It was precisely this experience and frustration with the formalised curriculum that led her to be a passionate advocate for entrepreneurship in schools.

Liz initially came to Phronesis Academy as a teacher, looking to establish an entrepreneurship module for her Commerce class at Reddam House. Liz oversaw the very first implementation of in a classroom and was delighted by the impact it had on her students. She saw that students were engaged, passionate and curious. As they learnt to think strategically, problem solve and support a team their confidence and enthusiasm grew remarkably. For Liz the results and the needs were clear.

She left the classroom, devoting herself to because for Liz education is all about having a tangible impact on students. She wholeheartedly believes in allowing students to learn, grow and feel valued in the educational space. Liz sees entrepreneurial education as a way for young people to be inspired and elevated to new, previously unheard of possibilities. Running allows Liz to build strong relationships with students and schools, enable the continual growth of young people and have real impact by building up the innovators of tomorrow.