Kempsey High School Program Launch 2019

Bring on round 2! It was such a privilege to bring our program, in conjunction with AgriFutures Australia, back to Kempsey High School for the second year in a row. 

It is brilliant to see that our program will continue to ignite an innovative streak in Kempsey High School Agriculture as they announced a three year strategic plan to propel their student’s education forward. Their commitment to seamlessly marrying Learning in Action, knowledge and skills for their students demonstrates their drive to join us in becoming the future of education.

We would like to give a special mention to these local community members for their unwavering support of Kempsey High School: Richard O’Leary RDA and Stewart Witchard, Agricultural Contracting.

We are beyond excited to see what this new batch of #brilliantbusinesskids will come up with this year and if last year was any indication we are in for an innovative treat!

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