The Education Revolution

How are we preparing our children to be the innovators of tomorrow?

In order for Australia to compete globally in this time of rapid change, teachers and education must evolve. Young people need to be equipped with the skills that come with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Liz Jackson Education Director at will talk about the future of education and how entrepreneurial skills, attitudes and values need to be taught for students to thrive and shape their worlds.


Mon. 29 October 2018

5:30 pm – 6:30 pm




Waterfront – WFD 5.03

21 Kitchener Drive 

Darwin, NT 0800



Schools: Learn how you can implement the programs in curriculum in a range of subject areas and how these programs can form part of your pedagogical toolkit.

Local Business: Get Involved! Our programs rely on the input of local business to give students context for their learning and an inspirational vision of their future business.

Parents: Give your kids an edge and come along to learn about our school holiday programs.

Program facilitators: Teach kids to think like an entrepreneur. We are looking for facilitators to run our holiday programs. Full training provided.


WHO ARE WE? is an Australian-owned education company that designs and delivers entrepreneurial education courses to equip Australians with an entrepreneurial mindset so they can innovate and solve problems, both locally and globally.

We have a real focus on sustainability across a number of specific areas: quality education, decent work and economic growth, industry, innovation and infrastructure, reduced inequalities, sustainable cities and partnerships for the goals. has successfully conducted a national pilot in partnership with AgriFutures Australia to empower high school students to solve Agricultural issues in rural and regional Australia. Success for programs stem from the inclusion of industry and educational institutions who form part of a community of practice where young people can be inspired and a culture of knowledge sharing is created. We also empower teachers by providing professional development for them to appropriately implement the mindset into whatever curriculum area they are teaching.

We are currently engaging with policy makers from the NSW, other state based curriculums and National Curriculum along with representatives from the OECD to aid in the transformation of the curriculum to ensure the relevant knowledge, skills attitudes and values in action are being taught to young Australians.



Liz Jackson has a diverse teaching background spanning over 10 years. She holds an undergraduate and masters degree in education specialising in technology integration and has taught three state-based curricula including the International Baccalaureate (IB). In conjunction with Charles Darwin University, Liz has co-developed a distance education program for young indigenous and Vocational Education and Training (VET) students in the Northern Territory.

Liz has presented a number of workshops on entrepreneurial education and has worked closely with industry partners to encourage young people to consider alternative career choices. She has also delivered several workshops on technology integration and the IB Middle Years Programme to assist teachers with professional learning. Liz established Entrepreneurship as the school-developed option in the Commerce curriculum in 2015 whilst teaching at Reddam House, Sydney. In 2016, she worked with co-founders of Dr Richard Seymour and Jo Burston to trial the inaugural program, which is now a formal course delivered in curriculum by teachers nationwide.


Current project focus topics: Agriculture, Social Impact, STEM, UN Sustainable Development Goals