Who are we?

An education company designing entrepreneurial Learning in Action programs, based on collated data and research findings.

Why do we do what we do?

To enhance prosperity globally through contextual, emotive, inspired and physical education.

How we do it?

startup.business programs educate aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs globally to grow themselves and their businesses through learning in action.

The programs expose participants to effective learning experiences as the learning framework is designed around the concept of Problem-Based Learning (PBL), reflecting the way people learn and develop in real life.

The aim is to provide the problems (not the solutions) to facilitate learning. Educators are mentors (not teachers) as the community of practice must go far beyond one person with answers. It’s an important shift in the philosophy of learning.

The key people in this enterprise are experts in their field. They combine to bring a unique set of capabilities and resources​.

Liz Jackson

Elisabeth Jackson is the Education & Program Director for Phronesis Academy, a role that reflects her passion for enabling learning and growth in young people. Liz has a strong and…

Jo Burston

Jo is the Co-founder and Director of Phronesis Academy Pty Ltd. Jo Burston is also the founder and CEO of Job Capital and entrepreneurial movement Inspiring Rare Birds, which works…

Dr. Richard Seymour

Richard was the Co-founder and Director of Phronesis Academy Pty Ltd. Richard Seymour was responsible for the content development, the Learning Management System design and the impact measurement programs for…