Dr. Richard Seymour

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Richard was the Co-founder of startup.business.

Richard Seymour was responsible for the content development, the Learning Management System design and the impact measurement programs for phronesis.academy and startup.business.

Richard had considerable experience designing and implementing education programs, with 10 years experience in Australia with The University of Sydney. As Programme Director of Entrepreneurship & Innovation at the University, Richard was responsible for the entrepreneurship and innovation courses and units of study within the Business School. He was also founder of the Entrepreneurship Development Network Asia (EDNA) which currently operates grass-roots entrepreneurship education and research programs in Myanmar, Vietnam and Indonesia. The largest of these programs currently teaches over 6,000 entrepreneurs in Myanmar (80% women, 80% in rural and regional areas), with one of the largest randomised control trial study ever undertaken.

Prior to joining The University of Sydney Business School in 2006, Richard worked in the corporate, NGO and consulting sectors. He had over 5 years experience advising small and medium-sized enterprises on corporate divestments, capital raisings and cross-border transactions, and over 10 years’ experience with a number of European, Asian and Australian organizations in the financial, property, and environmental sectors.

Since 2007 Richard had been a member of the Steering Committee for the OECD Entrepreneurship Indicators Program (developing policy-relevant and internationally comparable indicators, based on an analytical model and measurement infrastructure that allow gathering comparable data). This work had been particularly relevant for governments to understand entrepreneurial activity providing comparative and accurate data at the national and state levels.