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David Kenney

David has advised leading Australian and International Businesses on expansion, tax and commercial strategies for 30 years.

He is widely regarded as the leading accountant in the start-up space, being a mentor and investor at Startmate. He has acted on over 100 transactions including IPOs, trade sales, placements, rights issues and privatisations. His clients include family offices, ASX Companies, Property Developers, Athletes, Entertainers and of course, many of Australia’s most successful start-ups.

Working creatively and strategically with entrepreneurs, family groups, public and private businesses, directors and public figures to help them surpass their own expectations.

Avoiding short term thinking, anticipating future scenarios and providing strategies to maximise enterprise value, I combine skills in business planning, forward thinking tax advice for all clients. Providing independent expert reports, valuations, due diligence IPOs to deliver smooth and successful corporate transactions to take a company to the next level.