University of Sydney Business School, November 25, 2018

Teenaged innovators and entrepreneurs gathered from all across Australia at this full day of excitement and activities celebrating Brilliant Business Kids

The full-day program was officially opened by Mr Jonathan O’Dea, Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier and Treasurer, who spoke about the importance of educating young people on the skills they need to be prepared for entering the workforce of the future. Other notable presenters were:

Dr Phil Lambert PSM, who is the lead curriculum expert to the OECD’s Education 2030 project and Adjunct Professor at the University of Sydney.

• Jack Mansfield, Innovation Development Manager Small & Medium Business, Optus Innovation Hub

Brian Dorricott, Lead Facilitator ON Accelerator Lean Innovation and Startup Programs, CSIRO

Lali Wiratunga, National Manager, Westpac Davidson Institute

The event was attended by students, parents and teachers from across Australia, including schools in regional areas who had been learning about entrepreneurship and innovation as it applies to solving problems in Agriculture through the partnership with AgriFutures Australia.

With thanks to our Brilliant Business Kids Festival 2018 partners