Meet our Ambassadors

We’re very fortunate to have the help and endorsement of these wonderful young entrepreneurs to support and enhance the work that we do to get our entrepreneurial Learning in Action programs into as many schools across Australia as we can.

Zeryab Cheema

co-Founder, HOP

At the age of 15, Zeryab launched Taxi 24/7, an iOS taxi booking and payment solution, which he successfully built and sold. He is currently the Co-Founder and CEO of HOP, a ride-share platform developed in collaboration with Hertz. He is also an Honorary Associate for International Business at the University of Sydney where he regularly speaks on entrepreneurship and is involved with a number of start-up programs.

Oliver Bora

Founder, Oliver's Hens

From Mullumbimby in NSW, Oliver used his passion for sustainable farming to set up a free-range egg farm with pasture-raised chickens on school property while still a student.

Mackenzie Bond

Founder, Outback Wings

A fifth-generation farmer who founded an aeronautical agricultural and veterinary organisation that aims to provide health care and reliable 24-hour emergency vet services to over 3 million animals across a 7.69 million square kilometre area.

Rayali Banerjee

Co-Founder, This is Aus Ag

An advocate for youth in Agriculture, Rayali has a passion for inspiring new and emerging leaders into the industry by helping them see the value in creating strong and meaningful connections with industry.

Olympia Yarger

Founder and CEO, Goterra

Olympia has an insect farm based in Canberra that is committed to changing the landscape of livestock feed and redefining how we look at sustainable waste management solutions.

James Kilby

Co-Founder, Agcrowd

James is passionate about climate change and the repercussions of global warming and wants to leverage Australia’s optimal climatic conditions, spatial availability, proximity to Asia and world-class research to ensure a sustainable future.

Ginny Stevens

Founder, Active Farmers

Ginny is passionate about agriculture and staying active and developed her business with a focus on improving physical and mental health in rural communities.