About Us

Dr Richard Seymour

Co-founder, Startup Business International

Richard had considerable experience designing and implementing education programs, with 10 years experience in Australia with The University of Sydney. As Programme Director of Entrepreneurship & Innovation at the University, Richard was responsible for the entrepreneurship and innovation courses and units of study within the Business School. He was also founder of the Entrepreneurship Development Network Asia (EDNA) which currently operates grass-roots entrepreneurship education and research programs in Myanmar, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Jo Burston

Serial Entrepreneur and Co-founder,

Startup Business International

Jo is an active mentor for fast growth entrepreneurs and is passionate about encouraging young Australians to endeavour to find out exactly who it is that they want to become, and create their own jobs to achieve this. She has been recognised as one of Australia’s top entrepreneurs for the past six years and is a leading authority on global women’s entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship as a whole, and SMB markets.

Liz Jackson

Education and Program Director,

Startup Business International

Liz has a strong and diverse teaching background and holds a degree in Physical and Health Education from the Australian College of Physical Education and a Masters in Education from Wollongong University. Liz has taught everything from distance education with young Indigenous students in the Northern Territory to entrepreneurship at one of NSW’s leading high-schools. It was precisely this experience and frustration with the formalised curriculum that led her to be a passionate advocate for entrepreneurship in schools.

Simone Henderson-Smart

Head of Marketing and Communications,

Startup Business International

Simone worked for many years as a Graphic Designer and Art Director, before opening a designer homewares store and commercial interior design and marketing business. She then decided to take up writing and went from being an intern to Group Editor of the global suite of CEO Magazines in just four years. She currently combines all of this experience as Head of Marketing and Communications.


Kris Christou

Program Coordinator Startup Business International

Kris is a graduate of the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship’s Inaugural Navigator Course. He was selected due to his rigor, hustle and love for social media content creation. Kris holds a degree in Communication and Media Studies majoring in Digital Media and Marketing from the University of Wollongong and is currently in his honours year. Within the team, he uses his communication and marketing skills to liase with schools, create social media content and manage project timelines.

Justine Salazar

Events Manager, Startup Business International

Justine’s involvement with extracurricular activities at university led to her discovering her passion for collaboration and connection with people through the events and projects she organises. She is currently studying at UNSW, working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Science, majoring in Biotechnology. She wants to use her academic foundations in this area to innovate sustainable and accessible practices in health and technology. Justine has a can-do attitude and is determined to see her ideas come to life.

Jessy Lee

Financial Manager, Startup Business International

Jessy’s career in finance began in 2001 at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) – Vietnam, in the audit division before moving to the UK where she spent 4 years at PWC UK auditing Bluechip companies such as British Telecom, Pirelli, and Lang O’Rourke. After 10 years in audit, Jessy migrated to Sydney and has worked for various medium size private and listed companies in a multitude of roles including Finance Manager, Finance and Operations Manager, and Group Finance Manager. Jessy graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours degree (BA HONS) in 2001 from Economics School – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and obtained a Post Graduate Diploma (PG. Dip) of Finance from Manchester University, England. Jessy is also a Qualified Chartered Accountant in Australia and New Zealand (CA AUNZ).