We are pioneering entrepreneurial education in curriculum to help Australians compete in an age of rapid innovation and to provide valuable links between educators and industry.

Startup.business has created in-curriculum Entrepreneurial Learning in Action programs that prepare students for a working life of innovation, disruption, creative problem-solving, collaboration and strategic thinking. No matter which path they choose, they will take with them the mindset of an entrepreneur and face the future prepared.

The programs provide for mentoring, workplace visits and industry and school collaboration, creating long-term connection and alignment between educators, industry and community, and providing meaningful context for student learning with a clear vision of the opportunities available for life after school.

What the teachers say

The teachers who present the Entrepreneurial in Action programs are thrilled with the level of engagement of their students in this refreshing and innovative approach to learning

Sarah Westerway

Ag Teacher, Ulladulla High School NSW

“The most enjoyable part about teaching the program was seeing the students come up with an idea that was purely their own.”

Tricia Yandell

Ag Teacher, Loxton High School SA

“Once students developed the interest in their chosen area, they were really driven to find more information.”

Bob Leitch

Ag Teacher, Gympie State High School QLD

“The program was flexible, so I could deliver it to my students in a more practical manner. This suited their learning style.”